Vocalist Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy
Friday, Sept 15 - 3:00PM - 4:30PM MDT

angelagossow: black sabbath
quentlam: tou say you are vegetarian...are you really "ravenous"? lol
angelagossow: i am ravenous in a non-cadaverious way, haha
Travis: Any funny road related stories from the tour so far?
angelagossow: plenty.. i post some of them on my myspace site, some of them i had to swear will never be told, haha..
Clem42: What do you think about Finland's band: Stratovarius, Sonata arctica, or nightwish ?
angelagossow: i dont like any of those 3 really..
UnOrthodoxbassist: whats ur favorite hobbie other than music?
angelagossow: sports. i am totally into yoga atm
baker30: Do you do anything special to prep your voice before a show? and how long did it take to train your voice to be able to sing like you do? By the way the show on Wed in Phx, AZ was awesome!
angelagossow: i do a vocal warm up. i am singing in this style since 15 years now.. i am getting better at it with every show/rehearsal i have really. its like with any other instrument. you gotta practise.. and i am getting plenty of it. we tour so much..
Travis: I'll ask the obligatory Megadeth question...Do you have a favorite Megadeth song? If so, which one?
angelagossow: hangar 18 and holy wars
slayer81623: Listening to Arch Enemy and chatting with Angela, I'm a freak too!!! Any advise for a metal loving dad bringing his son to his first show bone crushing metal show tomorrow?
angelagossow: haha. he should bring his arch enemy cds to get them signed after the show.. we are doing the fye signing
UnOrthodoxbassist: Do u hang out with the guys at all outside of AE and if so what do u do get blasted or just chill?
angelagossow: yes, we hang out, but there is no 'outside AE' - we are constantly touring, rehearsing, etc.. we usually get a little drunk and go thru old bootleg tapes of obscure 70ies bands late at night, haha..
H.M.J.: Do you invision yourself doing this for another3,5 or 7 years?
angelagossow: i do it as long as i am enjoying it with all my heart.. i dont want it to become a 'job' which happens to a lot of musicians over a long course of time..
metal66687: you like power metal?
angelagossow: the old school version.. like tad morose, judas priest, metal church
UnOrthodoxbassist: how offen do u work with ur vocal teacher ummm.. melisa cross and do u go to here or does she come to u?
angelagossow: i have only spend one week with her so far, working on HER dvd, haha.. she hasnt really coached me so far.. we did a bit of 'normal' singing together
Alexeh: What do you think about the Japan and it's culture? I'd love visiting there one day.
angelagossow: you should. it is very different. ancient, yet modern. i love tokyo and its old, beautiful temples right in the middle of skyscrapers
Olympic_Marmot: Is 'Black Metal' really that large of a problem in Northern Europe or is there a bunch of media hype around it?
angelagossow: media hype. its 3 guys out of 3 million metal fans who are going crazy
Clem42: What is yours favourite artwork of AE'cds ?
angelagossow: i love the wages of sin booklet!
megadeth4lyfe: What gives you inspiration for writing lyrics, or what do you think about it when you write?
angelagossow: i listen to the music first. then i am trying to think of sth that hasnt been said before. which is impossible, haha..
Alexeh: What do you think about Slayer's new album?
angelagossow: I like the fact they are not compromising and going back a little to their old style.. its no 'rain in blood' though..
nex7one: Would you like making an other music movie for the next album ?
angelagossow: you mean a video? sure!
megadeth4lyfe: Do you know what Chris has been up to since he left Arch Enemy?
angelagossow: working as part-time guitar teacher
UnOrthodoxbassist: Do u ever think u are the mother to the arch enemy guys are they well behavied
angelagossow: no, not mother.. more like a sister. i am not telling them what to do or not what to do! we never fight. i have a lot of respect for them! but i am usually the one providing the band aid if its needed, haha.
Salamicat18: What is your opinion on downloading music off of the internet?
angelagossow: its cool for pre-listening. i would never download an entire album though. if i like it, i buy it. the artist has put a lot of work and money into it..
Travis: Do you envision adding "clean" vocals to your music. I know that you said in that past that it was boring, do you still feel that way?
angelagossow: it has to fit the music.. as far as i can see,the new arch enemy will be too brutal for clean vox
Alexeh: Do you like Children Of Bodom?
angelagossow: bit too much keyboards for my taste.. but great musicians!
Rockchickbabe: Hi Angela, any plans of a UK tour next year?
angelagossow: the uk is one of our biggest markets. so we will def come around sooner than later!
Clem42: When you are on stage, what do you think ?
angelagossow: thinking is not an option, everything is happening too fast.
slayer81623: Angela, you seem like such a chill person, where does the aggression and anger come from in your singing?
angelagossow: you should ask the other way around. where does all the chill and calmness come from, hehe.. i am a very emotional person. i am very fortunate i can let it all out on stage.. this is why i am so calm off stage. i got my energies balanced..
Clem42: What video do you prefer ? Ravenous, We will rise, Nemesis, or My apocalypse ?
angelagossow: We Will Rise is our best one so far..
chrislovesmetal: hey angela, just stopped in to say that you guys tore it up in phoenix! i can't wait to hear the next album.
angelagossow: Thank you!!!
Clem42: you are amazing: A great singer for a death metal band, but a beautiful woman to, it's very rare to see that,
angelagossow: Thank you! But there will be more to come! I gotta go now, I am sure I will be joining the chat sometime again in the next couple of weeks! Thanx for supporting us!!! See ya all in the front row! Love, Angela